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Become in your PRIME



Online Training

Custom and Convenient

Online Training is custom to your goals and convenient around your daily schedule. This includes workouts, diet plan, cardio regimen, and supplement guide. Get it done any place, anywhere, and any time.


Personal Training

Feel Good, Look Good

I train in multiple locations including clients homes that live close enough. I provide the equipment necessary for a proper session. I provide one-on-one hands on support and a certified eye to ensure proper/efficient training forms.


Bootcamp/Group Instructor

Strength & Stamina

I teach a variety of classes that include Strength Training, Booty Bootcamp, Combat Cardio, Core and Cardio, and more. Feel comfortable/motivated with your friends and family participating in the workout. Have fun with it!

It’s easier than you think to change your life. Just pick up the phone and let’s get going on the road to a fitter future.


Prime Monthly Training

The online program is custom and easy to follow. Three simple steps to follow week by week. Included is workout, diet, supplement, and cardio plans. Weekly check-ins to determine your weight/body fat lost.

Prime 60 Day Program

A 60 day program to transform your physique and build a foundation to start your Prime lifestyle. Easy to follow week by week workouts, diet, and cardio plans.

Individual Programs

Some people just need a little help. Feel free to request an individual program such as a workout, diet, cardio, and supplement plan. Affordable and efficient programs to give you the Prime boost you need.

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