Zombie Brain

This spooky season topic, Zombie Brains!!!

Zombie Brains, AKA Diet Brain, is the phase of your diet where your brain begins to exhaust more easily, stumble over thoughts, and become easily more irritable. The body begins to take the toll of the diet. Over the last few weeks your body has endured more consistent energy output and a consistent caloric deficit. Your body is eating the fat off and running on lower energy levels. This causes you to feel more fatigue, more exhaustion, more aggressive appetite, and lower strength livings. This is your body entering ZOMBIE MODE!!!! This phase lasts for a few weeks depending how long and how strict you deprive your body of the calories. Your body, stomach, and mind will adjust to the new “you”. Now staying at a new weight your body will adjust to the new routine of calories and expenditure of energy. You need to endure Zombie Brain and stay well nourished until your body finally adjusts.

Here are some tips to help you through Zombie Brain:

  1. Caffeine: Coffee, Sugar Free Energy Drinks [Bang, Red Bull, Monster]

  2. Fiber [Benefiber, Metamucil]

  3. Stay Hydrated [Gallon a Day]

  4. Sleep 7-9 Hours a Day [Take 15 min naps when you can]

  5. No snacks

Best of luck to you fellow Zombies!!! Have a great Spooky Season! Let’s see results this month to stay healthy and fit! Let’s make some room for a FEW candies.

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