Why You’re Not Losing Fat

8 Reasons why you may not be losing fat. These can be set as your foundation to fat loss. These are the first few changes that must be made to see results.

  1. Not enough sleep: doctors recommend that an individual should sleep for 7-9 hours a day, but this isn’t fairytale 🧚‍♀️ land. I understand my clients have families (kids, parents, etc) that they must care for, one or more jobs to pay bills, and/or obligations that add to their busy schedules. So I recommend that you aim for 6 minimum hours of sleep to allow the muscles to recover, help improve your appetite, and energy levels.

  2. Not drinking enough water: water is very important. Be aware of how much water you are drinking. You want to stay hydrated for MANY reasons as your body is mostly made up of water. Cut out soda, juice, milk, and any liquids that dont contain water. This will give you all the benefits of hydration and keep the daily calorie intake lower.

  3. Not eating enough protein: PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN!!! This macronutrient is the backbone to anyone looking to have healthy lean strong muscles with low body fat. The big joke is PROTEIN for all the bodybuilder Bros, although funny it is true that protein is vital to nourishing the muscles to help them tone, increase performance, and recover after workouts.

  4. Overdoing your cardio training: SOME people actually like cardio. Some believe cardio is efficient in burning fat. Cardio is great for vascular health but not great for shaping your body. Excessive cardio WILL BURN FAT, BUT WILL ALSO BURN MUSLCE! We work hard to build and tone our muscles so don’t lose them by overdoing cardio. Cut down the cardio to only burn fat and leave the hard earned muscle.

  5. Adding too many oils and dressings: Bottom line is keep calories low. EVERYTHING you add to your plate has calories (95% of things). Everything comes with a price. Ketchup, ranch, A1, BBQ sauce, etc all have calories and add to the plates total. These calories are easy to overdue and accumulate throughout the day/week and can be an annoying obstacle in the way of your fat loss.

  6. Eating too many “Healthy Foods”: Healthy foods are great! Most are low calories and have nutrients to help your body run like a fat burning muscle building engine. Same bottom line as #5 that calories must stay below maintenance level to burn fat. If you eat too many “healthy foods” you will still put on fat.

  7. Not knowing your calorie intake: #7 Will tie together the last few rules to help keep the calories low below maintenance level. Everyone has a different level depending height, weight, age, daily movement activities, etc. The idea is to stay slightly below that level to burn more fat. If you have more calories than your maintenance level then you will be putting on fat. To make it easy I recommend using MyFitnessPal to give you your base level of daily calories. As a trainer I create diets for clients to stay below their level and see more weekly results.

  8. Not having patience: You can be doing EVERYTHING RIGHT, and still not see results/ negative results over the first 1-2 weeks. This fact discourages people and after the first 1-2 weeks it frustrates them and sends them back to their unhealthy habits. If they continued for 1-2 MORE weeks then they could have seen an amazing change in their appearance. The body takes time to adjust to the diet and workouts and takes 3-4 weeks for any visible changes to take place on the body. So stick to it and be patient. It will be worth it.

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