Top Tips For Body Sculpting

These are my top tips for how to sculpt the body how you want it! Everyone is different and has different goals, yet they all can apply these tips to help move them closer to their dream physique. These tips set the foundation for your fitness journey but all can be fine tuned.

1. Resistance training tells the body how to shape. In a basic bottom line breakdown, if you want to look like a boxer then box. Want to look like a yoga instructor then take yoga. Then going into the finer details it would be to simulate the movements of the “dream physique [boxer]” in your workouts at the public gym. This is why magazines release workouts of a ”boxer, model, professional athlete.” So find the movements needed to challenge you and push that weight!

2. Have protein in every meal! Protein is the key ingredient to building muscle. It feeds the muscle, fuels them to grow. It rests best in your body better than carbs and fats that would be easier stored as fat. Want a big booty, arms, chest, tone arms, then eat protein from anywhere you can get it. Obviously that’s the vague point of it but definitely have healthy clean protein choices and in the right amount according to your body and goals. Keep it safe.

3. Aim at your weak or favorite areas. Im writing in a simple manner to best understand the concept, not to make it sound rude lol Want big legs? Work your legs. Want tone biceps? Then add more biceps exercises. Choose where you would like to see more results, BUT understand the true engagement in muscles and form. You won’t get a six pack by only going to the gym and hitting abs alone. You need to work the entire body and EMPHASIZE your goal areas. Work them and rest them enough with balance to maximize results!

4. Have a plan, a meal plan. Any plan is beneficial to have for each goal. A meal plan is vital to make sure you stay on track for your appropriate body macros. It helps knowing where that next meal will come and having it prepared is best if you can. Follow your plan!

5. Have a gym buddy! Hire a trainer! This is someone who cares about you and wants you to see results just as much as you do (If you found a good one)! This person has the knowledge and experience to help guide you along this journey (again, if you have a good one). It’s like having a cheat code in the game to the awesome suit upgrades. We still enjoy the journey but we are sure that we aren’t losing time by trial and error if you were at it alone. Maybe you’re doing well on your own and that’s great! But it always helps to have someone Hold you accountable and be there for you so it isn’t a lonely journey.

Add these to your regimen and start sculpting today! Hope you enjoyed it!

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