Top 5 Home Exercises To Burn Fat

These days (pandemic time) its much more convenient and comfortable to be exercising from home. During lockdown with no access to the gym we were forced to attempt to keep our health and fitness in check from home or completely let it go. Some individuals were compelled enough to invest in home equipment and others enjoyed natural home body weight exercises. I grew up exercising with no equipment and made amazing results in burning fat and toning muscle. I understand not everyone can or wants to invest in equipment and want to burn fat naturally. So here are my top 5 exercise recommendations you can do from home to see amazing total body fat loss results.

*Modify any exercises around any injuries or limitations. If you cant jump, dont jump. Feel free to do certain exercises on your knees if needed.

1. Burpees

I knowwww these aren’t the most fun, but they are super effective. Why dont you like burpees, because they are difficult. Why are they difficult, because they challenge the whole body, meaning amazing results! Jump, drop down for a full push up (chest to the ground, bend the elbows), then stand and repeat!

2. Mountain Climbers

This is an amazing exercise to sculpt the core and melt the fat away. Flex those upper body muscles, keep your back straight, and pull in those knees as tight to your core as you can! The faster you move, the faster you burn the fat. Enjoy!

3. Squats

Squats hit every muscle in the lower body and are very effective in burning fat off the whole body. Squats are beneficial if done correctly, or can be harmful with bad form. Be sure to push your hips back, balance on your heels, puff out your chest, keep your back straight, squeeze your glutes and core when standing straight. Squat low to activate hamstrings and glutes or miss out on the full benefit of the exercise. The more the merrier.

4. Shadow Boxing

This is my favorite! Boxing from home! Normally practiced in front of a mirror or can just be in any space available. You will throw punches and evade defensively. Get creative! Throw some combos, duck, roll, throw more combos! No right or wrong answers here. Just move and have fun. Think of it like dancing. Its a great way to let off some steam and burn fat FAST! Enjoy!

5. High Knees

High knees are simple and amazing. Feel the burn and feel the fat fall off! You’ll be huffing and puffing, meaning its working. Move those feet quick and stay lift on those toes. Stand up straight and challenge yourself to lift those knees high!

Now you have your arsenal! Burn fat fast using these exercises in your home workout routine with no equipment! The more you use them the better! Break a good sweat!

Thank you for reading! Hope you learned something new and can benefit from these fitness | nutrition | mental health tips!

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