Top 5 Fitness Apps To Help You See Results

These apps have been collected over the years in my fitness journey to handle different areas to increase my progress. Each app is important and can be utilized to propel your physique to the next level! These apps will manage your workout structure, nutrition, custom workouts, video workouts, and much more. Here is the breakdown of my top 5 phone apps to help you see results. Enjoy!

1. Seconds

Seconds is one of my favorite apps and the most important in having structured-smooth workouts! This app has changed my fitness journey and fitness career. For only $5 (one time payment) I can create any timer I can think of for myself, my clients, or classes. This app allows you to use different templates and save them for later use. I like to mix it up and use templates to create quick exercises, full structured workouts, or longer boxing rounds. Use it at home or in the gym. Also what I really like about this app is that it allows you to play your own music while it continues to time you and audibly countdown for you so you dont need to stop and touch your phone. Play around with the app and create the timers your workout plan needs!

2. DrePrime Fitness App (exclusive)

Of course I need to represent! I definitely believe that my fitness training app is the best app out there! Not because of my ego, but because of its features! My app allows you to work with me as your custom online trainer. I am dedicated to creating workouts around your specific goals, needs, and wants. This app allows me to upload your custom meal plan so you know exactly what, how much, and how to eat! Some of its best features include video appointment check ins with your trainer (me), progress tracking physique photos, weight and body measurements, calendar schedule, access to freestyle workouts, and more! Best experience for personal training!

3. Fitness App (apple / android)

Using the built in fitness app that is provided on your phone can be very helpful. I am an Iphone user speaking on the Fitness/Activity app that comes with the phone. Androids have a similar version with great details about your fitness activities. For the most part both apps provide detailed breakdowns of your performance like calories burned, distance, time, maximum heart rate, average heart rate, and a lot more. Using these details you are then able to be aware of your current fitness level and set yourself up for progress in future sessions. I like to compete with myself and see how much faster can I run my next session, how many calories can I burn in the next boxing workout, how high can I raise my heart rate in my next HIIT session. Its always great to know how well you’ve preformed in the past, so you know what is your standard and adjust your program for better results moving forward. Highly recommend you utilize it!

4. Youtube

We all know this one! You can find anything on Youtube! That includes good quality follow along workout videos for free. Wether you workout in the gym or at home, there is a video for you. I myself upload follow along workout videos for people that enjoy to workout at home. I offer different styles such as boxing, short high intensity, natural body weight circuit, or dumbbell total body circuits. I help clients with videos to help them sculpt core, glutes, or pure fat loss. Find any video that works for you. Create a library and have your workout plan loaded and ready to go!