The 10 Fitness Commandments Pt.1

-by Andres Ramirez

Here is a file I have created to share with all my clients, friends, family, and followers to understand their body and how to turn it into a lean fat burning machine while toning your muscles and keeping the weight off. Stop running your hard earned results over the weekend with one night out. Stop over snacking. It's ok to go out, to snack, to skip the gym, but you need to understand how to do it correctly. So here I have made a 10 commandment "rule book" that you can apply to your life, for the rest of your life to see healthy-good looking results! I want my clients to work hard and enjoy their results long term. I dont want you to struggle for a week and earn great results only to go out and ruin it with a few drinks, a couple of slices of pizza, and unhealthy snacks. Then we stay on the rat race wheel. I want you to get ahead and stay ahead. Download this file and change your life! Lose 5 pounds in 30 days easy!

Link to view and download for FREE! Enjoy!

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