Tequila Cheat Meal

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Who else likes a Modelo-Chelada with a shot of tequila and some tajin. This leads to a relaxed Friday night. You don't have to feel guilty after enjoying this drink if you plan it accordingly in your diet. Just know what it costs your calorie wallet, your muscular wallet, and how to comeback from drinking the alcohol.


Plan your alcohol to fit on the weekends so you can share among friends or relax alone (hopefully with no work the following day). Alcohol is purely EMPTY CALORIES. This means that alcohol has no benefit to your body as other nutrients would such as protein, fat, and carbs. You sacrifice a big chunk of your daily calorie allowance to have alcohol for having fun with friends and a semi-memorable time. Worth it? Up to you.


After you accept the empty calories, then consider the affect the alcohol has to your muscles. The alcohol seeps into the muscles and slows the building/toning process. So know that your broken down muscles form your workout will absorb the alcohol and will ruin your gains. After accepting these factors then feel free to enjoy your drink. To pay for it, sweat it out. Hop on the treadmill and sweat 100 calories for every beer/shot you had the night before. This will help you get the alcohol out of your system and stay in your diet.

Drink responsibly.

Your trainer- Andres Ramirez.

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