Sweet Sweat Review

Sweet Sweat is an awesome workout enhancer! It is only that, an enhancer. This product is to be spread on the muscles to help increase thermogenic during exercise. This product is made to help draw the sweat out of the muscles and increase circulation. It is promoted to help accelerate warming up, recovery, and fight muscle fatigue.

This cream is great to be used when you wish to drop more water weight and tighten your physique after a carb heavy weekend. I use this about 1-2x a week to help reset my physique after my weekly cheat meal. Definitely a great ad-on. This product is not essential to your results.

The idea is to sweat. Adding extra layers of clothing to your workout outfit will do the trick. Carbs make the body retain more water and can be sweat out in the following workouts. This "enhancer" will help emphasize that heat to speed up the process. I prefer to layer up AND apply the cream to maximize the sweat loss. Enjoy!

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