Sweat it out! 🥵

Have a sweaty workout! 🥵 Add your sauna suit to help maximize the results from your workout! Sweat out the excess water weight and help boost your metabolism.

Carbs retain water. Carbs like bread, rice, beers, pizza, fries, etc! This causes your body to hold on to more water weight covering your muscle definition. By adding a sauna suit you can squeeze out the excess water and tighten your physique to better define your muscle separation. Sauna suits can be found in walmart or amazon for an affordable price under $30! The one I display here is from BoxRaw.com and a bit more on the pricey side of $85. I chose it for pocket/zipper convenience.

Without spending money on a sauna suit the concept remains. Add layers of clothing to your exercise sessions to sweat out those carbs. Sauna suit isn’t mandatory but it is an instrument to help you reach that goal a bit more easily. Hope you understand and enjoy!

This was my way of paying for the beers, burger, and pizza I had over the weekend. So here I burned 1016 calories in about 80 minutes. This was a combination of boxing movements, weight lifting, and session on the assault bike. All from home! Sweat out those carbs! Good luck!

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