Rep Ranges for Best Results

Updated: Feb 13

Every workout is made with the goal to help improve toning and building the muscles. Every workout is made differently with different sets and rep ranges. A normal rep range would be about 12 reps for all exercises. The general idea for any rep scheme is to choose weights or levels of resistance to challenge you to complete the reps with good form.

For example, If the rep range is 12 reps for any exercise, it is up to you to choose the weights that would challenge you to barely finish 12 reps with safe form. You should not be able to lift 13 or more reps as to how challenging the weights are. If you chose to lift 5 lbs, you would be able to complete the 12 reps plus many more until your muscles would fatigue. If you chose to lift 100 lbs it would be more challenging to even just complete the 12 reps requested. So depending on your strength level you would choose which weights would most activate the muscles.

If I asked for 1 rep, you would choose a weight that you would/should only be able to lift with good form for one rep. If you could lift it for 2 reps then it was too light. This idea applies to any rep range requested.

You could do the same workout 1x a week for a month and still benefit from it as each attempt you continue to challenge yourself to complete those reps. Your first week you may only be able to lift 30 lbs for 12 reps, then the second week you use 35 lbs for 12 reps. The increase would help to better tone, tighten, and build your muscles.

Fun Fact: Volume equation. Volume is the mathematical equation (sets x reps x weights). I won’t make you do math to figure out your fitness results, but the idea is more volume you can add to your workout the better, some workouts may be lower in one variable (sets, reps, weights), but higher in another variable (sets, reps, weights). Always challenge yourself to finish the reps with maximum strength for the best results.

Some workouts can have a low rep range of 1-6 reps, and the weights would be much higher, whereas another workout could have a 10-15 rep range. Rep ranges can be maintained in the same workout plan for 4-6 weeks before one of the variables would need to change to better challenge the muscles for more results. The-next plan could have higher reps, more set, or increase workloads. This is how you improve in conditioning, strength, and tightening.

Personally I like higher rep ranges 12-15-20 for tightening muscles and increasing my endurance. It can all be done by preference. I toggle with raising my sets as well in other plans. Choose a rep range that interests you and stick with it for 4-6 weeks before updating it.

Enjoy the workout plan! Always push yourself! Let’s reach our Prime together!

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