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Hey everyone! Hope you’re all staying safe and in-doors. I know it has been tough being grounded in-home and finding activities that help us stay productive. We can use this time to better ourselves physically and mentally. I hope youre all enjoying our live workouts provided on the website. But we are left with hours in the day to kill. Why kill it when you can use it to better yourself. I have been using an hour a day to “read” a book.

I actually listen to my books using audible and that is okay. The benefit here is the absorption of information. I love to read books in the self-improvement and business categories. Each book is a drop of knowledge to your vast library that is your mind. You develop and absorb the skills you wish to have that can help you live a better, easier, more mature and wise life.

Read anything you wish, but spend time doing it to help you stay productive. Books will open your eyes and your mind to new ideas and perspectives. I have read books on how to sell, how to cure my jealousy, day trading stocks, and how to invest my savings. You may read those topics and be bored with the idea of listening to those, but choose any books of any kind that interest you.

Reading has helped me become more reasonable, mature, wise, and more analytic in my day to day life. I love reading and believe it is a hobby that everyone should have. Everyone has the freedom to choose the information they pick up. This helps promote growth.

Today’s recommendation is

“Jealousy-How to Overcome Jealousy” by Sofia Price.

A good listen that helped me open my eyes in my relationships and in myself. I knew this was an area I needed improvement in after a pattern of rocky relationships when I was younger and decided to seek help. I have not had problems with trust/jealousy since reading and more importantly applying this book into my lifestyle. Highly recommended.

Comment below if you have anything to say about reading or any good recommendations! Thank you and hope you keep staying safe and fit.

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