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This QNA will cover diets for frequent travelers to lose weight, chicken/egg debate, and how to grow glutes.


1. Weight Loss Diet for Someone who Travels 2-3x a Month.

Traveling causes us to hold on to a lot of water as the process of flying takes a while and throws off your normal regimen. Traveling takes a toll on the body as it jet lags you and makes you hungry after. My advice is to drink Metamucil (fiber) 1-2 hours before traveling to help empty the stomach and feel full. Carry an emergency protein bar in your carry on incase hunger strikes while traveling. Always take to go snacks such as pre packaged almonds, rice cakes, protein bars, and protein shakes that can help lose weight during traveling.


2. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Ummmm, I think the chicken... I would assume the chicken had to experience laying an egg for the first time like WTF is that?! haha


3. How to grow my glutes?

Glutes can be worked ONLY 3 times MAX a week if scheduled accordingly. If you worked your glutes everyday then you don't allow the muscles to repair and recover and just continue to break it down. The idea is to break down the muscle ,then let it repair and rest (grow), then after recovery you break it down again. It needs to rest for 2 days before being worked out again. Ex. Monday: glutes (heavy). Thursday: glutes (heavy). Saturday: Glutes (light). Then be in a caloric surplus to ensure the glutes have the fuel to grow!


Thats it! Thanks for your questions. Join me next week for another QNA. Comment your questions here or DM me and I can have your question answered for next week. Have a great week and become in your prime.

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