Pre-Workout Ritual

Hey! Here is my per workout ritual that helps push me through the workout. Few easy steps to add to your routine and see even better results!

Here is what you need:

  1. Amino Energy Pre Workout supplement.This supplement is a trusted brand sold in Costco for a very affordable price per serving. The label reads that you can take 1-6 scoops for the desired effect of caffeine (50 mg) per scoop. Depending how tired you are you can choose your scoop level Safely. I drink this 5-20 minutes prior to my fitness session.

  2. Liquid IV Pack: This IV pack claims to have 3x the hydration as a regular water bottle. It has 10 g of worthy sugar. It will help keep you hydrated during your session to prevent dizziness, cramps, and many other Hydrated benefits. I feel amazing after drinking these.

  3. Stretch: Always stretch 3-5 minutes before working out so your muscles can be loose. You want to increase blood flow and prevent injury. Many people skip stretching and I find it effective and necessary.

  4. Have a plan: Know the workout before you begin. That way you can look forward to finishing it instead of doing random exercises. With no plan you are more likely to give up too early. Have a plan, and execute.

Apply these 4 steps to your workout routine and watch your results skyrocket. You will be safe and effective after following these steps. Become in your prime. Keep working hard. Hope I could help. Please leave any comments or questions you may have below. Glad to hear from you. Enjoy!

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