My 5 Best Diet Tips For Fat Loss

Everyone understands that a diet is meant to help you lose fat, improve health, and display your physique. But not everyone understands exactly what a diet entails. Search the web and you’ll find hundreds of diets, ideas, perspectives, and preferences. Between vegan diets, pescatarian, liquid diets, carnivore diet, high-carb, low-carb, or another it’s tough to find which would be best for you. We are not here to discuss diets but I'll give you my best tips to apply to your meal regimen and see fat loss results.

  1. use smaller plates

  2. Protein Priority

  3. Water Only

  4. Plan Your Meals

  5. ONE Cheat Meal

These are all important and not in any order of importance. Enjoy!

  1. Use Smaller Plates: Using smaller plates is a great psychological way to lower your portion sizes which means less calories. We like to enjoy as much as we’re allowed and able, which is determined by our plates! Smaller plates allow us to minimize the damage and shrink our appetite after a couple weeks.

  2. Protein Priority: Prioritize your protein! No matter wether you are vegan or a carnivore protein is the key ingredient to toning your muscles. Protein can be chicken, turkey, steak, fish, or if you’re vegan it can be quinoa, lentils, peanuts, chickpeas, and more. Protein should account for 70% of the food on your plate for every meal. Protein protein protein. If you want tight and tone muscles you’ll find protein for your meals and snacks. This is where protein shakes come in handy as a meal replacement or snack to get enough protein in your diet.

  3. Water Only: Let’s keep it simple shall we. Water has no calories but so many benefits to our body. Your body needs water, so give it plenty. No need to have any other liquid than water. We dont need milk, orange juice, soda, or alcohol. These drinks add calories, sugar, and carbs that make it harder for us to burn fat. Water will keep us full, hydrated, and healthy. This is a great way to keep our calorie count down for weight loss if you dont have this habit already.

  4. Plan Your Meals: Plan your meals a week in advance and get your grocery shopping done over the weekend. A plan goes a long way to keep you on track and not wonder off and purchase high calorie foods from fast food restaurants or elsewhere. Planning low calorie foods that can be prepped or packaged and taken to work will help you see consistent results and save money in the process! Without a plan you will be more likely to give in to cravings of the day and ruining our results for the week.

  5. ONE Cheat Meal: This is a cheat MEAL, not a cheat DAY. Big difference. I recommend to plan ahead and look forward to your cheat meal over the weekend (can be any day of the week, once a week). I like to mix it up between hamburger, pizza, and burritos. After a full week of following my plan I order a well deserved cheat meal with water and reap my reward. This is one meal, so do not let it ruin your whole day of healthy eating. I like to start off with a low calorie healthy breakfast, and a super light lunch, to minimize the damage of the cheat meal, as I know it will be satisfying. Even better to minimize the damage I will have an extra light workout the day of so I don’t feel as guilty. Dont let one deserved meal turn into 3 meals, 5 drinks, a lazy day, and dessert. This one meal a week can help you keep your sanity during this weight loss journey.

Thank you for reading! Hope you learned something new and can benefit from these fitness | nutrition | mental health tips!

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