Mind Your Own Business

How minding your business can help you excel on the path to your dreams. Mind your business means sit and write out what your business involves. What are your goals and values? Writing the answers to these questions, or even just knowing them, can help you make daily choices that will prioritize your business rather than focusing on anyone else business.

My business is to sit and write valuable content for my subscribers to help them become better versions of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. My business is to train one-on-one and help clients see the best results as possible using diet and hard work. There are so many other businesses that need my attention but for this example we will use these two. I focus on making daily choices that involve me spending time on improving my training methods or providing more valuable content. In making these choices I will be spending alone time "minding my business," and this time will have a ROI (return on Investment). I make choices to skip going out to a nightclub, going to the movies, or spending money on Amazon, so I can save time and money that can be used researching, editing, writing content.

When you're minding the business of someone else then you are taking precious time and resources that could be used for you to improve on yourself and do what makes you happy. You must first dedicate one hour a day to yourself to "mind your business." Spend an hour reading a book, trying new recipes, lifting weights at the gym, etc. This will be to ensure that your business grows daily and then you can make other choices with free time to take your mind off your business. Start making choices that will help you reach your goals. Goal to lose 10 lbs? Then at lunch you choose the homemade chicken rather than Burger King. Let's do it Prime People we got this. Become in your Prime.

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