Metamucil is a key to your weight loss

Metamucil is a great tool to have in your weight loss tool belt. It is a powdered fiber that can be taken three times a day with 8 oz of water at a time. This products benefits include helping you feel less hungry in between meals, maintains healthy blood sugar levels (sugar free), helps lower cholesterol, and promotes digestive health. The serving size (1 TBSP) is 20 calories, but I take the serving size of (2 TBSP) that totals 45 calories of sugar free fiber. Anytime someone hears "fiber" they think about pooping. The digestive health is a good benefit, but you may not have trouble going to the restroom and may ask "Why would I take more fiber?" Well, let us explain why Metamucil will help play an important role in your weight loss.

Metamucil is a key tool in your weight loss belt because of its #1 listed benefit, helping you feel less hungry in between meals. On a diet your body is in a caloric deficit, meaning your body is not intaking enough calories (to make fat), so weight loss begins to occur when done correctly. It is completely normal to feel hungry during a diet because of the lack of calories. Many people struggle with the hunger and end up eating enough to break the deficit and wind up in a surplus by the days end. If metamucil is used properly then you can strategically add fiber to your diet to subside the hunger and avoid the excess calories. This way you won't feel hungry, won't consume too many calories, and have a healthier heart/digestive system. To answer your question, yes it will help you poop out some weight too.

This product can be found in almost any grocery store but I recently repurchased said item at Costco (the happiest place on earth) for a bargain! Try it out and comment below how it has helped you with your hunger symptoms or other issues. Thank you for reading, excuse me while I run to the restroom... Have a great day! Become in your Prime.

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