Lose Fat In Less Time! Weights Over Cardio

Many people share the goal of losing unwanted fat and toning up healthy lean muscle as do I. Having more lean muscle will burn more calories throughout your days and will help you keep off the fat if maintained.

Cardio is great for in the moment benefits when it comes to benefiting your physique. Let’s reach these goals as safely, in little time, and effectively as we can. Cardio like walking, jogging, stationary biking, etc are beneficial in burning calories, keeping a healthy heart, and increasing healthy blood flow. Yet these movements will not build the chiseled body with tone muscles that you are looking for.

To tone muscles they must be stretched, ripped, tightened, fed, and recovered. This stimulation can be achieved in weight training including a decent amount of sets and reps. Strength training with weights will exert more energy from your muscles meaning more calories burned WHILE the muscles were stretched, tightened, and ripped repeatedly. You can burn 3-4x as many calories with the benefit of shaping/strengthening your muscles within an hour of strength training than one hour of cardio. These hard earned muscles will help the calorie burning factory working more efficiently during your fitness journey.

Depending on your goals, strength training would be the more optimal option to burn fat, and shape strong lean muscles. If your goal is to increase endurance, overall health, heart strength, then cardio would be best for you.

Let’s burn this fat together! Join me in my program for these next 6 weeks! Ill be discussing workout techniques, healthy weight loss eating tips, and my mindset through the process. Join for online training to have program access with free professional fitness support by me, Andres with DrePrime Fitness. View under "Plans and Pricing" "Discord" page.

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