Let’s Workout Together From Home!

Hey everyone! I miss you! Hope everyone is home, sheltered, safe, and sticking to their diets/fitness goals. This is what is going on right now. I am a trainer and fitness instructor. My gym has closes until April 7. I agree that the gym should be closed for everyone’s safety. Unfortunately this means I am out of work. I will miss my clients and Bootcamp members. I would like to provide a win/win situation. Join me on Instagram Live @dreprimefitness. I will be providing a free 1-2x week live workout for you to join in in-home workouts! This service will be free!

I will be creating a membership on my website to provide you with live interactive workouts multiple times a week. This will average to $5 per class. Each class will be an hour and will help you tone muscle, burn fat, and build a healthy heart. I appreciate your support In these odd times. I want to help you all reach your goals. These live videos can be accessed at a later date to redo the workout of your choice. Thank you everyone. IG Live tonight at 7 pm. Join me for free.

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