Injured/Diet Plans/Rest?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

This is the first Daily Life Blog I'm writing. So welcome to the series. Here I talk about some events in my life that are currently going on, or reflecting on, and discuss the mental process i'm taking to move forward. Feel free to comment your ideas and opinions how I could see in another perspective or reassurance! haha Here we go.

Injured: Ive been boxing again for 3 weeks, and I hopped back in the ring to spar with other fighters on my first day back. I haven't boxed for over 13 years. But threw bodybuilding, and my fit lifestyle I kept in shape. In the ring I took a punch to the rib that I didn't see coming, and it made me want to quit the defense drill immediately. I kept my mouth shut, elbows down, chin down, and went into survival mode. This was origin zero. The following day was a sparring day, so I hopped in the ring only to take another hit to the rib. The second hit didn't hurt as much as the first, but it reminded me that pain was there for sure. After partying over the weekend I had forgotten about the rib, until Monday. During another drill I took a hit and brought all the pain back. I believe it to be a bruised rib by reading on google lol. I haven't seen a doctor because I know they can't do anything for me but tell me how long I must rest.


Diet Plans: Now that I must rest due to my injury, I need to change up the diet. I need my diet to meet two factors, one factor being to help me be a healthy boxer, and the other factor of losing 6 lbs. This calls for a calorie restriction if I am not burning as many calories. I plan on eating eggs in the morning with ketchup and few carbs to get my day started. For lunch It needs to be a bit heavy to fuel my boxing training, so I will have some meat or high protein source food with some tortillas or bread. Then some healthy snacks for after boxing and a light dinner. I need to cut off any cheat snacks or meals that I can't fit for the time being... so sad. Less movement = less food you can eat.


Rest?: Due to the rib injury, i'm resting for a week from all forms of exercise outside my work duties. No boxing, no morning cardio, no weightlifting. My Prime People on instagram voted on the poll that I refrain from ALL exercise. So that's what i will be doing for a week to allow my rib to properly heal. I haven't taken more than 3 consecutive days off in over 3 years. I say that with self pride and mentally this week break hurts. I am also afraid how my body will look one week after rest hahaha! It is for my health and will be worth it. So I just started taking ibuprofen and icing my rib more consistent after work 2x a day. I added more calcium to y diet just to ensure healthy strong bones. I won't know what to do with myself over this week of no exercise.... Writing more blogs hahaha. We all need rest once in a while. Ima go stretch.

I'll update you guys soon!

Thanks for reading. comment below your thoughts or questions.

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