Im Back! / 4 AM

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I am BACK!!!:

My bruised rib still hurts when I wake up but I upped my ibuprofen (doctors orders). I have created a new program to build the body of a professional boxer. I will be doing morning weights/cardio/endurance training, then boxing (bag work, sparring, etc) in the afternoons. I plan to take maybe 1-2 days a week OFF. My body will need rest. Right now the goal is to drop to 158 lbs to fight at the Super Light Weight division. Im having plenty of protein and BCAA's to maintain as much muscle as I can during the weight loss. Slowly but surely.


4 AM:

The average millionaire wakes up at 4 am. Soooo I'm waking up at 4:30 lol. I map out my mornings minute by minute, project by project. I wake up, get ready, pack all my bags, cook breakfast, plan the day, schedule my content, edit content, meditate, write this blog, go to the gym and get plenty of time to weight train and finish cardio. Wake up at 4 AM to get things done! Whether it is homework, cooking, cleaning, etc! I will make a habit of this to get all the things I felt I struggled to get done before when I "didn't have enough time." Now, I have time. So do you.

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