How To Build Muscle

If you are reading this blog, you are looking to build lean-healthy muscle onto your physique in a safe and comfortable way without gaining excess fat. Building muscle takes time and requires the right nutrients and workout methods. Without getting deep into the science here I will explain 3 simple steps to have you start building muscle asap. Let’s begin your muscle building (bulking) program!

Step One:

To grow healthy-lean muscle you must fuel your body correctly. A car can not go without gas. A body can not grow muscle without protein. Protein Protein Protein. Protein is the key ingredient in growing and repairing muscles during your program. The amount needed is different for everyone depending on gender, current weight, and goal target. The idea is MORE than you are currently consuming if you wish to be bigger than you currently are. Increase your protein intake and carb intake (energy). Your body will absorb the nutrients and start to pack on size over each weeks.

Step Two:

Progressive overload. In a simple sentence this means to slowly challenge yourself to lift heavier week by week. Increase the challenge on your muscles for them to lift heavier than they are used to so they can recover bigger and stronger. Some of the best exercises to implement in your bulking program include squats, deadlifts, bench press, and overhead press. These exercises use more muscles than others which make them more efficient. Add them to your workout plan, lift heavy (safely with proper form), and feed them protein to recover/grow.

Step Three:

Eat more than you burn. In a fat loss plan were more familiar with low calorie foods, many sweaty workouts, and hours of weekly cardio to burn fat and tighten the body. In a bulking program we flip the script. We need to be in a caloric surplus to grow, whereas in a caloric deficit we shrink (lose fat). Some methods include minimizing cardio. little to none. Less workout days of the week to hold onto more weekly calories and allow more time for muscles to recover. Eat more than you usually do to fuel the body for bigger size. Have calorically dense foods to take advantage of as many calories before becoming overly full.

Thank you for reading! Hope you learned something new and can benefit from these fitness | nutrition | mental health tips!

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