Hey everyone! Here is some info I decided to gather for you so you can be more aware when you go out and decide to have a drink (or a few) on the weekend. We try our best to eat healthy all week and save our cheat for the weekends. Sometimes its added with pizza or a burger which only adds more calories, but did you know how many calories were in the alcohol you were drinking?

Ex. Andres is enjoying his Friday night. He decides to have some beers with the boys. They buy a 6 pack of beers and have 2 ea. This warms them up for the 3 shots of tequila they had.

Beers: 150 x 2= 300

Shots: 67 x 3= 201

Total calories in alcohol alone: 501 calories.

How many calories did you drink last weekend? How many will you drink this weekend?? Comment below!!! Thanks for reading everyone.

Enjoy your weekend. Drink responsibly.

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