Home Workout Must Movements

These are tough times we are living in. We are trapped at home and unable to go to the gym we once took for granted. This could be your valid excuse to knock you off track and allow you to gain weight without that shame in the summertime. Or you can learn to adapt to your environment and continue on your journey to strive for results because you are better than accepting some excuse. We have all we need at home. No equipment is needed to help you stay fit and healthy. Here are my favorite home movements with limited equipment. 

Exercise 1

Push-Ups (can be done on knees if needed): Work the chest, shoulders, back, core, and triceps.

Exercise 2

Squats: Standard air squats work the entire lower body. Your lower body muscles will all be activated and built. Great for your leg and glute desires. 

Exercise 3

Hi and Low Planks: Focus on tightening the core. Helps harden/chisel the arms, shoulders, chest, and back. 

Exercise 4

Burpees: Great movement to increase your cardiovascular health and overall muscular definition. 

Exercise 5

Mountain Climbers: Great ab and cardio exercise. This movement is a largely hated movement but the results are amazing. This will tighten that core and shed that fat. 

A home workout program can be built on top of the foundation I have laid out for you. These will burn hundreds of calories with using nothing but your own body weight! We use what we can at home, and this is what we can. I hope you try doing a few sets of each exercise while at home to help keep you fit and healthy. Thanks for reading and comment below any home favorite movements I left out! 

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