Home Equipment Starter Pack Vol.1

Updated: Feb 13

Home Equipment Starter Pack

Fitness is growing yet it seems harder to achieve with the world and its closed rules at the moment. Home fitness is important and vital to our fitness journey moving forward. Ive been working out at home ever since my gym closed over a year ago. Over time I have been investing in new home equipment to help my results stay on track while at home.

For this first Vol. I would like to dedicate these accessories to home fitness that takes place inside with minimal space. I won't assume you have the luxury of a back yard which can be the focus in a later vol. I started working out in my bedroom at a young age with minimal equipment and used my passion to frequently invest in my fitness over the years.

Lets begin:

  • Dumbbells

Dumbbells starting off light then growing in weight would unlock a whole new world of exercises to target muscle groups and increase the intensity of your home workouts. I recommend a light pair, medium pair, and a heavy pair. Each can be used for different workouts and help push your muscles and different levels along your journey.

ex. 5 lbs pair, 10-15 lbs pair, and 20-50 lbs pair. This will depend on your level of fitness and safety. Be very careful and handle with great form.

  • Kettlebell (Adjustable if you can)

Kettlebells can push your workouts to a new level by adding more resistance to different movements that can activate the muscles in a different way than other equipment. Adjustable allows for more options and can save space of having multiple weights lying around. If not then choose one heavier than other weights to have to push you to a new level.

  • Bosu Ball

A bosu ball is a half ball that can fit in a corner or closet of most bed/rooms. It allows the you to challenge your core, cardio, legs, and supports your back during certain movements. It will be a great addition for tightening up the body and improving core strength and conditioning. Could be added in most routines! Legs, Push, Cardio, and Core day workouts!

  • Long Bands

Long bands at different levels are great for compact equipment that unlocks the pull exercises to be done at home. Pulling resistance will be great for toning and sculpting up your back. Bands can be used for other major muscle groups as well! Can be used solely and with any door acting as an anchor. You can choose different levels to add depending on your goals. I use 30 lbs level band the most, and invested in a 70 lbs band which is rarely used but there when I need heavy pulling.

  • Booty Bands

Booty bands are great to target the entire lower body. These can be used to activate more muscles in the lower body to sculpt tight and thick legs/glutes. I use them to increase my lower body endurance in boxing training.

  • Medicine Balls

Medicine balls can provide a good resistance to your workouts to raise your heart rate and build endurance with raising the volume. I use these to target more core exercises and add to major compound movements. Great for indoor movements and adds great variations to the workouts.

These are my top recommendations to any indoor starter gym. These accessories can change the levels in which you push your body.

Most can be found on:



These will keep new results coming in weekly. Once you get bored with one feel free to save and invest in another piece of your choice.

Hope you enjoyed this read! Keep pushing and reaching for your Prime!

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