Carb Timing So You Don't Get Fat

We all hear that carbs are bad. Carbs make you fat. Cut out the carbs to lose fat (Keto Diet). Seventy percent of adults in the United States are considered overweight, and 40% are considered obese. The leading factors to these fat stats are sugar and yes you guessed it, CARBS. It all depends how you use the carbs. I will explain what carbs do, how to use them to your benefit, and how to use them to keep fat off and even burn more fat.

Carbs include bread, oatmeal, pasta, cake, cookies, pizza, fruits, tortillas, beans, etc. As you can tell some carbs are bad in comparison to others. Not all carbs are evil. Some are used better than others. Carbs are energy. Carbs are burned during any type of quick intense physical activity. It provides strength, endurance (short lived), and fullness. You burn carbs while weight training, sprinting, boxing, in home workout, or having sex.

When carbs (energy) are ingested then it sits in your body ready to move! They are in your system like "Hey! Lets GO!!!! Move move move!" The problem with most Americans is that they eat carbs, and don't use it fast enough. Imagine eating pizza at home and sitting on the couch watching Netflix (Sounds like an amazing time). Then all that pizza (energy) is waiting to be used, but your sedentary on the couch with your attention on the tv. So when carbs aren't being used, they turn to visceral fat (flabby fat on your stomach). Of course pizza isn't your ideal "pre-workout" meal because it has SO many calories to burn off which is why other carbs such as oatmeal or an apple would suffice.

Now that you understand what carbs are and how they work, we can talk about how to time them and use them to your benefit. Use carbs roughly one hour before your workout session so then burn as much of the carbs during your session and feel energized. Having an apple before a workout would be burned off completely during a workout because its low calories compared to a pizza. But if you want pizza, it'd be best to eat it before a workout so you can use most of it in the workout so you have less carbs in your stomach after your workout to turn into fat. Use your carbs wisely.

P.S. this also applies to RIGHT AFTER a workout. You have an hour window for your body to be absorbing carbs (energy) to store in your muscle for later use. But your body only holds so much and the rest will turn into fat. I rather using carbs before the workout (safer bet). Enjoy!

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