Black Eye: Losing 10 lbs: Staying Motivated

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Black Eye: As some of you know, I received my first black eye. Didn't know it was possible before last Thursday. Got it boxing in the ring and the intensity was heightened. If you have seen the sparring video, located on my IGTV or FB, then you can tell we went to war. Yes I'm the bigger fighter so I don't throw as powerful by choice. I was advised to increase my punching power while sparring to set a better fighting pace. What do you think?


Losing 10 LBS: This is NOT EASY. I am now on a new diet and workout regimen to help me lose 10 lbs. I need to maintain as much muscle as possible in the process. I will lose some muscle regardless but I will then be faster, stronger, and lighter for boxing. I increased my exercise volume with cardio movements such as shadow boxing, jump rope, agility ladders, and more cardio machines. This will help me increase my cardio output when fighting. I get a cardio workout i the AM before I start work, THEN I go to boxing in the evening to work on the heavy bags, mitts, and work on skill. This is a lot of exercise for an individual and with the proper diet I am losing weight every week. I eat 3-4 times a day with 2-3 healthy snacks. I keep the calories low but enough to sustain the demanding daily output for boxing. It is all about portion control. Balance your lifestyle with fitness and diet to see results.

To see what i'm eating check out my new youtube video "Costco Haul" at DrePrime on Youtube.


Stay Motivated: You will be challenged and tested along your journey to your goals no matter what they are. Boxing has tried to stop me with a second day rib injury that lasted 5-6 weeks, a black eye, a bloody nose, get the picture? I could have said "maybe boxing is not for me, maybe now is a good time to stop before it gets worse, etc." But instead I keep going in the ring to get better and practice my skills. Each time I step into the ring my coaches notice improvement. Trying to lose 10 lbs over a birthday weekend was tough but I drank alcohol, ate pizza, like a normal human being. Thats OK! I drank saturday night, and worked out sunday afternoon. Not enough to burn ALL the food and alcohol but SOMETHING is better than nothing. I expect to have gained weight over the last few days celebrating, but now it is back to strict plans and workouts to continue slimming down. You can do it too.

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