Best Valentines Date

Hey everyone! Happy Valentines Day! Hope youre having a great day! So I have this date tonight for Valentine’s Day. But I dont want to steer off track and from my goals of losing weight and getting my abs. So i decided to make my date healthy, in line with my goals, and just enough cheat to enjoy the day and not ruin my progress! Here is how I will do it.

First things first, it‘s okay to enjoy the date and have some drinks, carbs, and even a small dessert. You just need to plan accordingly.

The date: I am cooking dinner at home for my date. I decided to make some juicy steaks (Protein), with steamed broccoli/asparagus (vegetables), and some steamed sweet potato (carbs). We will be having a bottle of red wine (Gallos Sweet Red) yea yea I know. Then To finish it off we will bake some chocolate brownies (dessert) together.

I hope the women reading would agree this is a good valentines date. We share a nice home made meal, intimate dinner conversation, and group activity of baking before enjoying a nice warm movie.

The men reading I hope can agree that this is the date to have fellas. Check it out. So you dont need to worry about reservations on a busy holiday. You get alone intimate time. You save money on drinks and food. You learn to bake. You dont need to drink and drive or spend money on an Uber. You can do all this and still see your results. Your girl is worth all the money in your account dont get me wrong, but I think this is more bang for your buck, no pun intended.

Now Plan!

So yes, I will be having more calories, sugar, and alcohol than my diet allows. So I have scheduled a workout Saturday and Sunday with cardio after each workout to burn maximum fat and sweat out the alcohol. Im hitting compound lifts to activate as many muscle to help burn more calories in less time. I will be doing deadlifts, pull ups, and others to balance out the caloric burn.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! :)

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