6 Ways to Improve Home Workouts! *Bonus Equipment List

Working out from home? Want to see more results?

Try adding at least one out of SIX of these ways to do just that!

I LOVE ❤️ working out from home! The peace, workout playlist on blast, the convenience all make a home workout that much better.

I started my fitness journey at home at the age of 5 and didn’t join a gym until I was 15! You don’t need expensive equipment to see results from home.

Got milk? Fill a milk gallon with water or sand, now it’s a dumbbell 💪🏼

Or invest in one or two pairs of light/medium weight dumbbells to have at home 🏡

The BEST WAY to see MORE RESULTS I would say 🤔

is in order,

Way 5, 1, 6, 3, 2, 4

(they all have SO MUCH importance and help each other when combined!).

Visit my blog at DrePrimeFitness .com for a list of affordable equipment that can help you see amazing results from home!!! I use them myself and love using them and seeing the results

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