3 Steps For Summer Prep: Phase 1

It’s time to start prepping for Summer! We need to stay ahead of the curve and plan ahead. The body needs time to make safe-noticeable results, so the sooner we get started the more results we can see by Summer time! To get us started we need to understand the 3 pillars of your Summer body transformation, fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Apply these 3 steps today and start noticing weekly results!

Step 1: Move Some Weight

Move some weights in the gym or move your own body weight at home to start activating the muscles you want to see tone. We want to not only burn body fat, but also sculpt our body’s muscle definition in the process. Toning the muscles comes from resistance training (moving some weight). Even at only 15-20 minutes, the muscles need activation 2-3x a week. Thats 30-40 minutes a week MINIMUM. The idea is to start using the muscles and tiring them out with resistance to have them ready come Summer time! The more times a week you can add, and for 45-90 minutes at a time, would increase the weekly return in results!

Step 2: One Less Bite Per Meal

One less bite per meal can save you so many calories in your weekly total that would contribute to slow-safe fat loss. In the most basic form it means lower your portion sizes incrementally to cut out 100-500 calories below your maintenance caloric allowance. If we eat a bit less every week (not starving, very unhealthy and would be counter productive) our body, stomach, and appetite would slowly shrink to its new lighter level. This will start melting off the unwanted fat while maintaining the right nutrients for muscles toning/recovery, energy levels, appetite satisfaction, and proper health. You cant just starve or choose to eat one cupcake a day to lose weight, the nutrients are important.

*Pro-tip: Minimize the carbs. Carbs are energy for the body, but too much causes body fat and water weight. By slowly decreasing carb intake we allow the body to burn more stored body fat rather than create new body fat. Fuel yourself just enough to make it through the day safely.

Step 3: Make a Plan

Make a 4 week plan of your goals, timeline, daily actions, weekly progress tracking, etc. Plan the workouts into your weekly schedule ahead of time. Know the exercises and equipment needed for each workout ahead of time. Having a plan of the meals you’ll be eating, exercises youll be doing, weight you should be reaching by a certain date will help bring your vision into reality. A plan keeps you on course and accountable on a weekly basis. Have fun with it, make it realistic, and keep trying to do better every week. Aim for the stars land on the moon 🌚 💪

Make these 3 changes today and see results I as little as 3-4 weeks of consistency and dedication. Do it safely to avoid a severe shock to your energy levels, organs, strength, and loss of muscle. We want a safe, effective, and efficient journey which is why we start today. Week by week we see/feel the changes to your physique and fitness for an amazing transformation by this Summer! Let’s get it going! 👏

Thank you for reading! Hope you learned something new and can benefit from these fitness | nutrition | mental health tips!

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