Sore? Try These 3 Things!

Are you finding yourself overly sore after your workouts? I’m talking so sore it hurts to sit on the toilet, or to dreading to walk up stairs. This is normal as many beginners experience or even I experience when those lifting limits are pushed! How do we help deal and prevent sore muscle? Try these three things!

1) Stretch before/during/after. I have a Tiger Tail portable roller that fits perfectly in my gym bag. Think of a cookie dough roller and taking it with you to roll your muscles to increase blood flow and to prevent built up lactic acid (the burn). Even without this tool any type of stretching is helpful in preventing/helping sore muscles.

2) The number 1 recommended supplement in all of fitness for many reasons is PROTEIN. Protein helps the muscle recover after a workout and helps speed up the recovery process. Protein also helps the muscle tone and helps you retain more muscle. Try any protein powder offered by your local supplement store. I use Whey Protein from Costco.

3) The third and final thing to try for sore muscles is a supplement called BCAA’s. Branch Chain Amino Acids help muscle recovery to help support recovery, add endurance, and rehydrate. They help prevent muscle soreness and taste great! Many sweet flavors to add to your dull diet. Helps cure a sweet tooth!!! Zero calories! I use this below.

Thank you for reading! Hope this helps your sore muscles. Subscribe for more information!

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