Free Time is Me Time

We all have busy lives that interfere with our goals and prevent us from doing side projects that we wish we had time to do. We have tasks/errands we need to do, such as, cleaning our homes, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, picking up the children or siblings, work obviously, and much more. These are errands that must be completed, but what about our free time? Do we have free time?

Many of the clients and friends I talk to would say they either have little or no free time to be getting projects or hobbies done. Many factors play into this because some people may be super exhausted, take on too many commitments, work too much, etc. But lets break it down. Every time you have a lunch break, that is a designated 30-60 minutes dedicated to whatever you wish. You can watch a youtube video, you could have a smoke break, you could read a book, or even go take a nap. Now let's take a look at all the times in a day you do any of these things? How much time do you spend watching tv, netflix, hulu, or youtube? How much time do you spend talking with friends? How much time a day do you spend napping or sitting doing nothing but relaxing? I won't tell you what to do but I will help you realize what you can potentially do.

You could accumulate hours of free time for yourself. After getting everything that needs to be done completed, then you're free to use that time as you wish; napping, watching netflix, or staring at the wall. But this is a Prime Blog for Prime people. These people want more! Here is how I see it, and you can apply it to your own lives and goals.

I have goals to;

  1. Write blogs

  2. Write music

  3. Create video content

  4. Manage a website

  5. Bodybuild

Here are 5 out of many more of my goals, but it will do to set the example. I use every second I can get to dedicate to ⅕ things listed above. Time can be found even while taking a 20 minute uber, sitting in the back, typing up programs for my clients on my phone. This is me time. Me time is time you dedicate to your passions and yourself. I love to make an hour a day to hit the gym to bodybuild. I normally get to work 15 minutes early, so I can sit and write a partial blog or song. Then after work, before bed, I can use an hour to two to manage my website and edit videos. This accumulates weekly and your projects eventually get done. Then you assign yourself new projects. If you apply this to your goals, hobbies, and yourself you will see you have time to better yourself every single day. My hobbies all include bettering myself and my business. Yours can be that or to pamper yourself or have daily yoga (my 6th).

Use your time wisely. I like to write down everything in a day that needs to get done, then plan my free time to my goals. I dedicated time to write and upload this blog. Then I have work but will return to write music and create advertisements. Instead of watching that goofy youtube video that won't help you in any educational way, unless it’s a DrePrime youtube video, then use that time to do something you're passionate about. Use it for me time.


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