No Nancys

Monday Motivation: No Nancys

I woke up this morning and thought about how I recently heard a friend speaks about herself and the advice I gave her. Then I thought of the millions of people on this earth that would benefit from a better attitude.

My friend and I were having a conversation and she said, " what do you mean? Im not smart. Im dumb." I immediately told her to stop speaking that way about herself. I explained to her how her negativity limits her. People that say they are dumb, or that they are just fat are less likely to change that characteristic about them.

Yes it may be a fact that one has a low IQ, or someone is overweight, but when this attitude is taken about numerous characteristics on their own person then it becomes unhealthy and un-motivational. You will settle for your current limit or feature without even trying to improve. You may desire to look a certain way but just accepting your current weight to be your weight with a sigh and a shrug of the shoulders are not the first steps to changing that.

Be positive and say "Im not as smart as I want to be," or "Im not at my goal weight yet." Doesn't it just sound a lot better? Being positive is healthier for ones mind and body. It will keep you accountable to your goals and keep them in sight. It will also share positive energy with those around you. Others will feel the dedication and motivation you're presenting. A few will be more compelled to be positive as well and will help them start to reaching goals they may have been repressing for years.

So no negatie Nancys.

Become in your Prime. Sincerely your Personal Trainer DrePrime.

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