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Losing weight or gaining fat? How do we do it? We know the basics, that if you eat too much then you get fat. That’s good enough right? How much is too much? Your body’s functions are a number game. As a trainer I count these different numbers in ones diet, including my own. I will explain how you can do it on your own. People may have heard about “counting macros (macronutrients).” I will dive into counting your individual macros in another article, but today i’ll be going over the counting concept. Count your two calculators.

Your body runs by two metaphorical calculators collecting two different sets of data. One calculator will collect the sum of calories you eat throughout a day. Everything you eat from the start of your morning to the end of your night is counted. Calories from cereal, juice, coffee w/ sugar, and even vitamins all count. Add the total up and that is your daily consumption of calories.

This is Jeff. Jeff has a very unhealthy diet but were looking at the counting concept. He wakes up and has one bowl of cereal (200 calories), then his lunch he goes to subway for a footlong (1000 calories), then for dinner he eats homemade food (300 calories), and for dessert he eats a slice of cake (350 calories). Throughout the day Jeff eats 1850 calories. Hold on to this number.

Your body’s second calculator counts the calories your body burns in a day. This one gets more tricky to count but it's doable. Your body naturally burns calories simply from being awake, this process is your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Everyone's is different depending on age, height, gender, athletic level, etc. After your BMR, the amount of movement in a day adds up to total calories burned. A walk across the mall parking lot adds a few more calories than parking upfront. An average hour weight lifting workout should burn about 400 calories.

Back to Jeff. Jeffs BMR is burning 1000 a day. He sits at a desk at work all day and burns 0 calories doing so. Then after work he goes to his local gym. He isn't very comfortable in the gym so he uses machines and a cardio bike. His hour workout only burns 250 calories because of such low intensity. Low intensity means no elevated heart rate, no sweat, lack of muscle fatigue. Then he goes home and sits on the couch until he falls asleep. In one day he burns 1250 calories.

Now we have the numbers of Jeff's two metaphorical calculators. Let's subtract his burned calories from his eaten calories. Eaten calories (1850) - burned calories (1250)= 600 leftover calories. The 600 calories are remaining on the eating calculator. This means the excess calories will now turn into fat. If he didn't eat dessert (350 calories) and used weights and cardio instead of machines (250 --> 500) then he could be in a deficit helping him lose fat.

You must burn more calories than what you consume to burn more body fat. So now you can see that the more you eat then the harder it is to achieve the amount of calories to burn to be in a deficit for fat loss. If Jeff was on a healthier diet he could lower his calorie count and burn some body fat. Day by day try to burn more than you consume. Check progress weekly. If you're not seeing .5-1 lb lost a week then your calculators numbers aren't in a deficit. This has two solutions you may choose from. Eat less, or move more. Earn your food. I love to eat, so I need to workout to be able to burn the food off and some to maintain a lean physique. I take the stairs, park far, walk at work, and use high intensity at the gym to burn as many calories as possible. Please do not take this as starving yourself. Your body needs macronutrients to be healthy. So you must function with calories in your system, just cut the junk and move more and you will see the results you want.

Sincerely your trainer DrePrime

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