Ruining your Booty Gianz???

Many women in the gym could agree that their physical goals are more likely to be nice-round and tone glutes, and reasonably sized lean legs. These are just goals they focus/desire more than the other days they work other muscle groups such as their back, arms, and abs. I see most of these women consistently in the gym going about this completely wrong! They may be doing great compound exercises like barbell back squats, Lunges, and glute bridges which are fine. THe way women go about this is that they come in one day to work legs and have an amazing workout, then with one day of rest from legs they have another amazing workout. This process repeated 3-4 times a week is actually creating muscle loss on your glutes and entire legs. You will be working so hard and see little results. Enough to leave hope that what you're doing is working but not fast enough.

Let me explain how to speed up that process for you with less work.The secret is that these women need to rest more in between leg sessions so the legs can rest. The muscles all need rest. Some more than others. This particular set of muscles are some of the largest on on our human body. Give them what they deserve, some rest! During rest the muscles repair themselves stronger, leaner, more tone after the duration of 2 days. After two days of rest your body has repaired enough to go at it again. The legs are more debatable due to the intensity demanded of them. I recommend 3 times a week at MOST for legs to be worked. This needs to be scheduled strategically so it can be 100% effective. This means with the right scheduling and intensity then the legs will continue to non-stop repair leaner, stronger, and more tone week by week.

Does that sound too good to be true? Well it’s true. This is a plan and conclusion I have developed thus far with my years as a professional trainer, life experiences in fitness, and my own research thus far. I believe this to be a solid plan to ensure speedy glute and leg development to begin your new issue of the jean struggle. I promise results if followed correctly with a proper nutrition plan to ensure the quickness of the program.

So enough of that. You want the plan. So here it is.

Mon: Legs: Strength

Tues: X

Wed: Legs: Volume

Thu: X

Fri: X

Sat:Legs: Strength

Sun: X

Monday is Legs: Strength. Focus on heavy high set, and low rep exercises. The intensity should be high with maximum force in every lift to achieve heavier weight week by week. Rest between sets about 1-2 minutes to restore maximum amount of strength for the next set. This takes time, and youre only going to stay for 1 hour, one and a half maximum at the gym still. You will only do about 4 exercises within that hour. Then stretch and be ready for day 2.

Wednesday is Legs: Volume. This means the legs will be worked at a high rep, moderate set style workout. Within the same time span as monday, you will work with exercises with high reps, low weight to pump the muscles with blood and challenge its endurance. This will rip a different type of fiber than day one to maximize the size of as many fibers in your body to maximize toneness and leanness. Work the legs in supersets with multiple exercises to be non stop moving and burning hundreds of calories and sweat out all the water weight from your body. You will finish the hour workout with 6-8 exercises. Rest only for 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets. This will not only be great for your glutes to tone and grow but great for your heart! Then Saturday you will repeat the monday process with whatever strength you can manage after day 1 and 2. The wekkend youre more likely to have time to relax and be off your legs, so take advantage of that time. This will allow the legs to rest before starting oer on monday. I really hope you ladies see results with this E-book, booty-book.

This e-book, or Booty-Book, is to ensure that you are seeing the fastest possible results with less work, and more benefits!

Email me for the $5 E-book if you're interested in learning the exact movements for this program. It even comes with bi-daily leg homework that won't interrupt your rest program. Hope the schedule itself has shown promise in your fitness journey. Have a great day and enjoy the E-book if you decide to purchase.

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