One Week to get your Photo Shoot Physique! In only 4 steps!

You need that slim, tight, and tone physique that you've been picturing in your mind for the last few weeks, months, or years! You need it in one week because you have that high school reunion, sister wedding, or trip to Hawaii! It is not time to panic and start every diet you've ever read, insane hours in the gym, or doing shit tons of cardio until you've managed to burn all your muscle and look like a stick. Its time to breath, and hop onto the Prime Photo Shoot Physique One Week Program.

This program I designed for anyone to utilize it to burn maximum fat and tone the entire body into a greek god/dess in the shortest amount of time. You will be dry, skin tight to lean muscle, and as tone as you can be within one weeks notice. The program is simple to follow. I do all the hard thinking and you do all the hard lifting. Nothing is for free so pay me with sweat and possibly a few tears. I will tell you how to eat, when to eat, what to eat, how much to drink, workouts broken down by exercise, sets, and reps, and the appropriate amount of cardio to complete.

This video explains the situation of my photoshoot and the one week i have to prepare for it. Follow my 4 steps to see results in your body. Its simple. If you don't follow, then guess what. You won't see results. Work will equal reward. This video walks you through the 4 steps you need to a quick fix physique for that special occasion.

Here is the catch! Yea something you didn't want to read. This program will work, and get you to look as amazing as you can in a weeks notice, but thats just it. This program lasts one week. No less and no more. ITs a thought and detailed system to having your body release fluids and pump the muscles as needed to be "show/shoot/event ready." It is not sustainable. Your body can not continue this program longer than a weak and be considered healthy. This is a physique that looks great on stage, but can not be managed for too long without you going insane. Ok maybe not insane but pretty hungry, thirsty at times, etc. Your body has needs, but these needs don't mean looking like a greek god. The shoot im in requires that my body be crisp, then right after im going to enjoy a nice cake (notice how i didn't say a slice).

Enjoy the manageable process and find some mental peace with it as it boosts your confidence, strength, and sense of accomplishment.

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