Gym Therapy

The gym is used as an outlet for all the built up stress and emotions in your day to day life. The gym has its visible benefits, and also its non-visible psychological benefits. The gym is beneficial to your physical and mental health. Studies show that stress is lower in people who use the gym at least three times a week compared to non-gym goers. Don't stress or it will make you fat!

Stress is shown to literally cause you to get fat. Your body cortisol levels are effected when stress from work projects, school finals, or relationship arguments is experienced. With cortisol in your body more fat will be developed and stored physically visible. The stress leaves a depression and/or exhaustion on your mind, and seeing more fat build up does not help. Its like a cycle after seeing more fat causing more stress causing more fat and on and on we go. Break the cycle!

To break this depressing fat cycle you need to dedicate 3 one hour sweat breaking workouts minimum a week. Feel free to gradually go up to 6-8 hours a week. This is one hour at a time you find yourself away from life's stressors, responsibilities, and obligations. Headphones are in playing your gym playlist of music that amps your heart rate or mellows the mind. You look in the mirror and see no one but your reflection and the weights. Use those daily stressors to motivate every repetition as you pump your muscles with blood and feel the weight drag you down. You fight and struggle for every rep until the muscle has endured enough burn to drain you. You're sweating, muscles burning, yet you look in that mirror and see that pump of blood in your muscles and feel accomplished. You show yourself that you are stronger than you thought and you have a fight within you. In this process you are in a muscle toning, fat burning, sweat breaking mode. You leave the gym feeling beat down, drained, yet successful.

This release lowers stress levels to reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass. Its the intensity and quality of ones workout that matters. Now that your body has released stress your mind is more calm and ready to take life by the horns again. You look better walking out of the gym than you did walking in. week by week, day by day, workout by workout you're improving your physique and mental health. So get started at your own level as long as you're pushing your limits. Break a sweat! Good luck with your fitness journey.

-Sincerely your Trainer, DrePrime.

Become in your Prime.

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