How to Burn Stubborn (body part) Fat!

Are you tired of that stubborn belly, back, or arm fat? Many people want to lose fat from somewhere. Everyone is different. Majority of people do suffer from stubborn back fat, but I do not. I hold more fat on my obliques, aka, love handles. So you know where you hold more fat, and now you want to work on it and lose that fat! I am sorry to tell you, but you can not work on a specific area to lose fat in that area. Read that sentence one more time. You can not work on a specific area to lose fat in that area. "To lose fat in an area workout that area," is a common myth among beginning gym goers or health enthusiasts. Doesn't mean you can't lose that fat, you can, and here is how.

To lose fat in any specific area you need to work the entire body. Here is how it works. Weightlifting tones the muscles under the fat, but doesn't lose that fat. Your body will decide where to lose fat from first and last. Some people will lose back fat first before any other muscle group, or some will lose fat from the belly first (lucky people). Your body is either losing fat or gaining fat. So diet properly, workout every muscle group to shape your body, and see the fat fall from everywhere.

Im sorry that it isn't that easy to lose arm, back, or belly fat. Normally belly is the last fat to go. Be patient to see results all around your body. Still work the desired body part to tone it, so when the fat falls off, then only lean tone muscle will be seen. Don't stress about it. Keep working hard and eventually that fat will be lost. Enjoy and trust the Prime Process. Need help doing so? Contact me and we can get you started! Become in your Prime.

-sincerely your Prime Trainer, DrePrime.

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