Life gets in the way.

Life happens. Life is filled with beautiful moments and ugly moments. Sometimes life gets hectic and drains our daily time and energy, so putting ourselves through a workout is the last thing on our mind. We want to look good, but we just don’t have the energy to feel even more weight on my shoulders. Bills keep coming, the kids get sick, and your partner needs more attention. Then your body is getting even worse every day causing more stress. Your workouts need to become therapy more than a workout.

You need to want it bad enough to schedule 30-60 min a week in advance for weight training and cardio to get the body you want. Let the physical pain from going to the gym take over and take your mind away from life’s lovely stressors. This is an hour dedicated to work on yourself mentally and physically. Your mind will be more at ease and your body will feel stronger and look great! Create a weekly workout schedule to fit in your busy-tight schedule for one hour at a time, three hours a week minimum to feel the full benefits with an affective workout.

This in itself will help you feel more energized and confident to tackle the days stressors. Your mind will be more at peace and able to handle more information. The new physique you see forming shows you that you do have control of your own life and can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Stressors won't stop, but neither will you. More situations will arise and hit you again and again, but we train for those moments. We accept the challenge because we are dedicated individuals than can change and sculpt our body and handle anything life throws at us. We keep our heads up.

Enjoy this weeks workouts!

You're not alone. Life hits us all, but with the support of each other we can make it.

-Sincerely your Trainer DrePrime.

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