Too Busy To Reach Your Goals??

Many people work the average 9-5pm work schedule. I know because I work the opposite to train these clients after or before their work hours. Many people feel they are too busy to find the time to get in the gym to see the body they have desired in their mind. You only need 3-5 hours in the gym a week! Schedule it out! GO to your phone calendar and find an hour for each day of the week and schedule your workout and continue the day. Then you'll be more likely and accountable to get it done.

Find the time, early morning, or late night. Shower at the gym. Meal prep to take food so you don't need to return home. You can find an hour to make it in the gym and do your weight training and cardio. DONT just do cardio, weight training will burn 400% more calories than a simple cardio session. One hour at a time is all you need with a consistent diet. Either you're too lazy to get into the gym for one hour, or, yea you're just lazy. 24 hours a day, 168 hours a week, all you need minimum is 3 to 5 a week to fit an intense workout/cardio session.

The more you do then the more quick you will see results. If you are a person that likes to eat, then you should be finding yourself in the gym more. If you are not a gym person, then you must cut the amount of calories consumed daily because you won't be burning as much. I love food and the gym so ill eat and burn more.

If you REALLY can't get in a workout at the gym, then get a workout in at home. 30-60 minutes at home with little rest. Workout beside your bed, you don't need much space. You will break a sweat and just shower after. Follow my at home workout if you need to.

If you really want that body then you will make it happen. You feel so busy and too tired to get up and go. Just count to 5 and get your butt up and get it done. A quick workout to get your body and mind right. Then go slouch on the couch after. Don't get too lazy and get fatter. Become in your Prime. Starting is hard, but trust me you'll fall in love with the process and the results and it'll be easier to continue.

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