Surely but Slowly

Tired of starting a diet or workout plan that doesn't seem to be working after a week or two? You suffer from a restrictive diet and workout plan and by the end of the week have maybe put on a pound. Well here is why and what to do about it.

You are committed. You are dedicated. You desire change and ave decided to endure the gym sessions and a healthy diet. But that weight isn't budging and you look the same after week one, after week two, so then f*ck it and give up. The truth is your body needs time! You may have been doing everything right, or wrong, but if done right then the body needs 3-4 weeks to see any physical changes in the body. Most people don't have the patience and quit too soon when they were about to peak and see the results they've been suffering for. So don't give up too soon. Stick to the program and slowly see the results week by week. Need a program? Sign up for a Prime Program today and lets get you started.

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