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Deanne S.

It is the best investment I could have made for myself.Ive always worked out just to keep fit and I've had a few trainers in my life but before Andres I never really saw results. I am almost 50 and I see huge results! People, coworkers, friends, and family even notice and the best of all i see the results. He listens to what my goals are and he pushes me not to just achieve them but to look and feel better than I thought I could. He even was able to tweak my diet to help me lose 7 lbs I wanted to lose. I can't say enough about his skills. 

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Olivia M.

“Andres is an excellent personal trainer. He is very dedicated and has a passion for fitness. He always challenged me to do a little more each session and I did exercises that I thought I couldn’t do, but he had faith in me that I could do them. I also set goals and accomplished them them with his guidance and he showed me how to stay on track after the training sessions had come to an end. We had a love hate relationship, I hated the tough workouts, but I loved the way my body looked and how I felt! I had a great experience training with Andres and I highly recommend him!”


Romeo G.

“Prior to workingout with Andres I have struggled with heel pain (plantar fasciitis). This prevented me from performing any high impact exercise during workouts, which ultimately stopped me from going to the gym for a while. I have been working out with Andres for quite some time now and have appreciated all the low impact, high intensity interval workouts he has me participate in, the boxing really gets my heart rate up and love the fact I get a really strong cardio workout without the impact of running on the treadmill. He is really easy to talk to, super friendly and listens to your needs. As such he tailors your workouts and nutrition plan based on your goals. Most importantly he is just invested in you as you are him. If you want to et in the best shape of your life give him a call.”


Maggie R.

Ive been working with Andres for about 8 months and am ecstatic at the results I've seen thus far. Andres is passionate about fitness and helping his clients become their best version of themselves. Andres is very knowledgable, committed, and always keeps it real. His easygoing, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He listens to your goals and creates a fun yet challenging workouts based on your individual needs. Andres motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results and keeps me accountable. Since I started training with Andres, I've been sore in places I never thought could feel that way! If you're serious about changing your life for the better, Andres can help you get there.

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