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My Fitness Coaching App

In Our Prime

Want to burn body fat and build tone muscle?

Want to have a lenient meal plan and still see weekly results?

Want to feel confident with a professional in your corner anywhere anytime?

Want to change your mindset and live a healthier enjoyable lifestyle?


Why join my fitness app?

My program is for anyone looking to have their fitness journey made organized, effective, and structured for weekly results. Anyone can join and have a program custom to your goals, needs, and preferences! 


You will have every step at your fingertips 📱 

Open your program and see everything you need in one place and be able to ask me questions as easy as sending a text. It's my passion and pleasure to help give you the tools you need to better your health and fitness. 

Workouts, meals, habits, and progress all in your new fitness app. Affordable top quality training in its most convenient form for you to start your journey and team up with me to build the Prime you.

Man wearing sportswear on mat in his living room watching videos on a laptop..jpg
Man wearing sportswear on mat in his living room watching videos on a laptop..jpg

Personalized Workout Plan

Home Workouts - Gym Workouts

Swap Exercises - Rate & Comment Workouts

Example Videos - Track Progress

Daily/Weekly Schedule - Rescheduling Feature

blurred gym background for presentation banners That has exercise equipment Many and many

Choose your Plan

Only $2.63 a day!

Only $2.43 a day! 

Smiled pretty girl is looking on the laptop screen  on the modern kitchen on the table ful

4 Week Meal Plan

Week to Week

Meal to Meal 

Swap Meals - How To Recipes

Browse Recipe Library


Goals & Habits

Make it easy with daily habits that are explained and designed to help you feel better and maximize results. 

Reminders: Stretch, Cardio, Massage, Cheat Meal, and more to help your body and mind feel strong and healthy with our program

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."
-Abraham Lincoln

Start today. One day at a time. I don't expect you to start and follow everything 100%. It takes time to build habits that are going to change your life for the better. After the first few weeks you'll notice results inside and out with your physique and mental health. Every day we just keep trying to be better. So start today and let's work together

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